Australia vs Pakistan

Recently both Australia and Pakistan were attacked by Muslims.  In Sydney,  Australia a gunman entered the Lindt Cafe and took twenty seven occupants hostage.  The gunman forced his hostages to hold an Islamic flag against the windows of the cafe.  The siege lasted seventeen hours.  Three hostages were wounded and two were killed.  It is not known yet whether they were killed by the gunman or by friendly fire.  The gunman was killed in the shootout that ended the seige.  Authorities negotiated with the gunman to no avail.  His motive still remains unclear except for the fact that he had a long criminal record and was unable to get charges against him, including accessory to the killing  of his ex-wife,  dropped.

In Pakistan seven Islamic militants scaled a wall into a military-run elementary school with approximately 400 students and staff and immediately  began killing children and teachers.  The Pakistani  army responded with force.  They deployed snipers and entered the school, killing all seven of the invaders.  The event  was over in eight hours.  The invaders killed 141 people.  The rapid response of the army saved the rest from being slaughtered.

Australia  has draconian gun control laws.  Anyone wishing to own a firearm must supply cause for owning one.  Self defense is not a valid cause.  One person out of the twenty seven hostages had the courage to fight back.  He paid with his life because he was unarmed.  Had his country allowed him to be armed, the outcome could have been very different. The gunman knew exactly  what he was dealing with.  Nobody could challenge him.  They were helpless.  Perhaps the pacifist politically correct mindset prevented them from simply overwhelming him.  Perhaps the hostages had been conditioned to fear the weapon rather than the wielder.  The undisputed fact is that unarmed people were killed because they had almost no way to defend themselves.  Those who are supposed to protect them negotiated with a known criminal with a lengthy record of violence.  Those negotiations failed and people died.  The Australian government is culpable in their preventable deaths.


In Pakistan there was none of that nonsense.  Those who protect that country responded swiftly and surely with deadly force and saved 250 lives.  The extent of possible  friendly  fire is not known yet in this case either.

Make no mistake, this will happen here in America.  What we do about it, here, on our home soil, is not up to the government or the police.  We are an armed society.  Those of us who go about armed do so because we value life.  We will not meekly allow criminals to destroy us.  Those who refuse to go armed do not value life.  They would prefer that everyone die at the hands of a murderer rather than defend themselves.  Which group  will you be in?  Will you stand for the second amendment and live, or will you lay it down and die?

Jean Strong



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