In the last few years miniaturized technology has exploded.  There are chips for almost everything, from location tracking chips to a chip that makes your fridge smart.  Almost every day lately the media is reporting on more and more of these devices that do all sorts of amazing things.  Each piece of technology that comes out seems to be more intrusive than the one before.  They are reported in glowing terms; usually only the positive aspects are discussed. 

What about the negative?  Before we get all excited and jump up and down we need to step back and think.  What would we be giving up by adopting all this technology?   Are we going to lose all sense of how to take care of ourselves because a wonder chip can do it for us?  Are we seriously willing to let anyone in the world who can use a mouse know exactly  what we are doing?  Are we comfortable with the government knowing what our pulse rate is and whether we are asleep or awake?  With the advent of the smart phone these types of technologies have become commonplace, but that doesn’t mean they are desirable.
Here is a brief list of just some of these chips:

RFID – tracks your location
A medical device that transmits info
A chip that monitors vital signs while exercising
A chip that knows when you fall asleep and records whatever you are watching on TV
Google glasses
Chips embedded in contacts that can project a heads up display
Chips in food packaging that can tell you when it goes bad
Accelerometers that measure your movements

And one of the most disturbing ones to date, an app for Google Glasses that can read your mind.  Pretty much.  It can detect your emotions,  your gender and your age.  No, I’m not making that up.  You can find the article on Business Insider and read it for yourself.  Are you prepared for your boss to know pretty much how you feel about him or her?  What about meeting an ex-spouse?  What if you’re stopped by a cop and are forcing yourself to be polite when really you want to throat punch him?  Can he then shoot you and claim self defence?  Do you want people to know how old you are?  If you adopt an androgynous look on purpose or have a sex change do you want people to be able to tell what your gender is anyway?

This level of intrusion is absolutely horrifying.   We will have absolutely no privacy whatsoever, and there will be nothing we can do about it.  We can’t exactly walk around ripping these things off people’s faces no matter how much we want to.  So tell me, are you actually going to let this happen legally?  Are you going to be apathetic enough to just let it happen because you think it will happen anyway?  Or are you going to stand up for your privacy?  Are you going to bend over and take it or are you going to fight for your Fourth Amendment rights?  Well, America? 

Jean Strong


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