Cops vs Citizens


Recently mainstream media and their puppet masters Obama, Sharpton, Holder and Jackson have been diligently fanning the flames of civil unrest and anti-cop rhetoric.   We need to stop blaming cops and average citizens for this particular unrest, it can be laid squarely on the shoulders of the aforementioned foursome.  That is one issue.

However, the cops vs citizen battle has another underlying issue as well.  Right here and now, we need to stop saying that all cops are bad, and that all cops are good.  Both statements are false.  We need to stop blindly supporting one side or the other.  We must take the time to look at individual cases.  Thanks to social media and alternate news sites, reports of appalling misdeeds and extraordinary heroism on the part of the boys and girls in blue spread nationwide rapidly, sometimes in a matter of minutes.  The misdeeds get more press.  I can’t say with any certainty which category has the greater numbers, although I suspect it would be the acts of extraordinary heroism because I do believe that many of our law enforcement officers do genuinely want to serve and protect.  There is something within their hearts that makes them willing to put their safety and their lives on the line to help others.

Unfortunately, the appalling misdeeds also abound.  The incidents of abuse, brutality and murder are widely reported.  Those who have taken an oath to defend the constitution have forgotten their words.  This goes all the way from Obama to the rookie patrol officer.  And those who do ignore their oath often ignore it in the worst way possible.   Most of us are familiar with the Kelly Thomas and Keith Vidal cases.  Kelly Thomas was a homeless man who was brutally beaten to death.  It was caught on video and it was beyond horrific.  Keith Vidal was a 17-year-old boy who had emotional problems.  It got out of hand one day and his family called 911 for help.  The officers who responded had gotten the young man under control when their supervisor arrived on the scene.  According to reports he said, “We don’t have time for this,” drew his weapon and shot Keith Vidal point-blank in the chest, killing him.  Family pets, mostly dogs, are being slaughtered at an astonishing rate.  A police officer kills a family pet, on average, once an hour.   It is a horrific epidemic and it is not going to end well.

However, although these acts are heinous, that is not the worst part.  What has pushed the American people to the breaking point, if not past it, is the unbelievable lack of accountability.   These bad seeds are almost never punished.  Their departments and supervisors invariably put out statements that say the officer did nothing wrong and followed procedure.  Sometimes the offender is given desk duty or paid leave until an “investigation” can be carried out.  In almost every case this investigation is done by fellow officers who conclude that the officer was justified.   Even cases that go to trial with damning video evidence, as in the Kelly Thomas case, end in the officer being found not guilty.

What is causing this phenomenon is something I have not been able to discover for certain despite hours of research.  The only thing that is certain is that the corruption is rampant and runs deep.  Our cops have been given a license to kill.  In many states we are not allowed the right of self-defense against the bad ones.  It doesn’t even matter if we are completely innocent of any wrong doing whatsoever.   We can be brutalized and murdered with impunity but if we fail to obey a command EVEN IF IT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO SO, we are charged with crimes, beaten and murdered.   We aren’t allowed to even question anymore when we are dealing with these types of situations.   We’re told to obey orders and everything will be fine. Oh really.  When did America become Nazi Germany?  When did the first and fourth amendments disappear?   What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  What happened to integrity, honesty, and freedom?

I have this to say to the cops who say, “Don’t tar us with the same brush.”  If you don’t want to be tarred with the same brush, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Step up.  STOP protecting the bad cops!  We, as citizens, can do nothing as long as you continue to oppress us by protecting those among you who do these things.  This is on you guys.  You want respect, you want obedience?   Then BE WORTHY of it.  We don’t get a free ride and neither do you.


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