Breaking News, Black Teen Shot near Ferguson

Hold onto your hats folks, here we go again!

Antonio Martin, 18, has been fatally shot during a confrontation with police near Ferguson.
According to the Huffington Post

Jesus Christo, 18, told The Huffington Post that he and Martin were stopped by an officer who said they fit the descriptions of recent robbery suspects. Christo declined to speak over the phone, but spoke through direct messages on Twitter.

The officer attempted to search Martin, who refused, Christo said.

“The officer then stepped back and drew his weapon and pointed at Antonio and told us to lay on the ground,” Christo said. “I layed [sic] down but Antonio Refused [sic].”

Christo goes on to say, The officer then began to step back from us with his gun still aimed at us. He told Antonio to lay down once again and when Antonio didn’t lay down the officer opened fire. And when I tried to get up to help my friend he screamed at me to stay down with his weapon still drawn.”

Reports are that protestor have broken through the police barriers and confronted police.  According to the St. Louis Dispatch at least three arrests of protestor have been made.

Jean Strong


5 thoughts on “Breaking News, Black Teen Shot near Ferguson

  1. Carl Barlow Jr says:

    Well I just have to wonder, how long is it gonna take for AL Sharpton to make it back, But it kinda makes me wonder why that cop wa so eager to start shooting!


    • I was watching live stream video and someone said something about a firecracker. I’ll post updates, right now it’s controlled chaos, cops by the dozens surrounding the gas station where it happened.


  2. Well I hate to say it UT HERE WE GO AGAIN. And I hope that the race baiter Al Sharpton won’t show up again, because all he wants to do is just start riots in Ferguson and making a lot of hate discontent among everyone


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