Missouri police have made a statement about the shooting, though it has yet to be verified.

In the statement, it is said that Antonio Martin had drawn a gun on the officer who, “fearing for his life”, fired several times.

The statement claims Martin’s gun has been recovered at the scene.

Someone tossing a lit firework at the cops has been caught on video, many video clips here and reports are cops in riot gear are on the way.

County police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schellman says a Berkeley police officer was conducting a routine business check at a gas station around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday when he saw two men and approached them.

Schellman says one of the men pulled a handgun and pointed it at the officer. The officer fired several shots, striking and fatally wounding the man. Schellman says that the second person fled and that the deceased man’s handgun has been recovered.

Update:  the second person who fled appears to be Jesus Christo, (yes, I know) who has been tweeting all about his experience.

Jean Strong


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