Discrimination Is Worse Than Racism

I am getting very tired of hearing shrill shrieks of “That’s racist!”  I am beginning to wonder if those who shriek it the loudest have any idea what it actually means, or if they realize they are so much more racist than those they are accusing.  However, let’s talk about discrimination.   Let’s talk about some of the ways different groups are discriminated against.

What about the single father?  Why are people so impressed by a single father?  Do they honestly think a man is not capable of raising a child by himself?  Why is a single father so much more worthy of approbation than a single mother?  This particular attitude is insulting to both groups, the fact that a single mother is par for the course and nothing unusual belittles the efforts of a mother, and the fact that people are so impressed by a single father is insulting to the father because they clearly don’t think he’s capable.  In the animal kingdom no animals worry about coming between a father and his offspring, yet even humans recognize the danger of coming between a mother and her offspring. 

Let’s talk about cultural subgroups.  We say blacks are athletic, Asians are smart, women are nice, men are tough, cats are snooty, pit bulls are mean, etc, etc.  All of that is absolute rubbish.

However, there is a huge divide on how male and female are viewed, regardless of species.  For this rant I’m talking about humans.  Yes, Joe Biden is an idiot, but his comment that the girls were just as smart as any boy only reflected an attitude,  that while less prevalent than it used to be, still exists today. 

One of my favorite shows, Criminal Minds, repeatedly uses the premise that the bad guy takes out the man first because he’s the bigger threat.  Oh really?   Have you seen me lose my temper?  Have you seen me shoot?  Don’t be so quick to dismiss me as the lesser threat, you could pay a heavy price for that.   Bring it.

Women are nicer.  If women ran the world, there would be less wars.  Yeah, right.  You think a menopausal woman is going to be nice?  Wrong again.  We are far more likely to bitch-slap you. Have you tangled with a woman with PMS?  We would be far less tolerant than men.  Anybody who messes with a woman in power in that state of mind just start digging your grave now.

Men are tougher.  There’s only one word to answer that.  Childbirth.

The military is geared toward men.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.  It’s just a fact.

Abuse is predominantly from men toward women.  Yet those who abuse do not do so because they are bigger and stronger.  They abuse because they are assholes.  Abused women do not get abused because they are smaller.  They suffer abuse because they are mentally weak and allow it.

Obstacle courses are heavily skewed toward men.  Watch Wipeout or American Ninja Warrior.  Many extremely capable, athletic women attempt the courses.  Yet often the gaps between obstacles that must be leaped or reached across is literally beyond the reach of the average woman.  The challenges are almost always geared to bigger, heavier bodies.  Yes, I’m aware there is a physical difference. I’m just pointing out the skew.  Yet women do succeed at the courses.  Their achievements are heralded with amazement and awe.  Why?  Because they succeeded at something that almost always is achieved by men.  Even the worst discriminators recognize that and acknowledge it and praise it.

Yet the viewpoint that women are inferior and viewed with scorn persists, in both groups.   And before you deny that, think about this.  I am almost positive that you have heard this comment made to little boys whenever someone, either a man or a woman, is scolding or chiding them.  “You (insert action here) like a girl!”  This is inevitably a derogatory comment.  Don’t cry like a girl.  Don’t throw like a girl.  Don’t scream like a girl.  Don’t jump, run, whatever, like a girl.  This comment is one of the absolute worst insults that can be thrown at a man or a boy.  Yet if a female does something better than a male it is a source of amazement.  It is a compliment if a female runs, throws, jumps, shoots, whatever, like a male.

It absolutely horrifies me that our culture/society holds a woman and her abilities in such contempt that comparing a male person of any age to her is used to shame and denigrate the male.  Really?  How can the most advanced civilized, technologized society in the world hold half their members in such scorn and see them as weak, stupid, useless and ineffectual?   How do people not see the irony that without these women that they despise so much they would not exist at all?  Such rampant discrimination goes in remarked and unaddressed.  Until we can bridge that divide discrimination will continue to flourish.


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