Coexist? I Think Not!

Well.  Hey, liberals.  I have a question for you.  Be honest.  Do you really think, in light of what just happened in France, that America can coexist with Islam?  Are you truly naive in that opinion?  OR ARE YOU THE STUPIDEST PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH?

A vile, disgusting, filthy, murdering cult that breeds vicious killers has no place in America.  These are people who do awful, violent, evil deeds.  Are you liberals not about peace and love and kindness to everyone?  How can you possibly have even one brain cell that can accept the kind of behavior that defines Islam?  They hold down little girls and tiny babies by force.  They they wrench their legs apart and slash their genitals off with a filthy knife or a razor blade, while those little girls scream and scream in the worst agony you could possibly imagine.  And by endorsing Islam, YOU LIBERALS ENDORSE THIS. 

You endorse women being abused, beaten, raped and then beheaded.  You endorse the torture and killing of children, these “honor” killings.  You endorse the beheading and wholesale slaughter of people whose faith is what gets them killed.  You endorse halal slaughter of animals.  The animals that are slaughtered by this method do not die a painless death.  Read about it here and tell me, do you expect people to believe you are full of sweetness and love?  Do you even know what any of this is?  DO YOU CARE?

Do you still think America should be tolerant of Islam?  Do you really truly believe that what followers of Islam do is acceptable?  Do you realize that by being tolerant and accepting Islam the liberals in France made it easy for those twelve people to be slaughtered?  Did you watch the video?  Did you see with your own eyes how they shot an innocent person several times, then ran up as this person was begging for his life and shot him in the head without the slightest hesitation, blowing his brains out in a bloody mess all over the sidewalk?  Did you?  Do you even care?  Or is your thrice damned tolerance so important to your twisted pysche that none of this awful violence means anything to you? 

If you can look into your heart with even the slightest measure of honesty and still hold on to the whole idea of tolerance of this cult, then you are truly sick, twisted and evil.  Just like the followers of Islam.


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