All Lives Matter

I am sick to death of seeing memes saying “Black Lives Matter” and “Police Lives Matter”!  Oh really?  And what are the rest of us who are neither black nor a cop?  Expendable?  Apparently we don’t count.  The conservative world has lost its mind since Ferguson.  Instead of looking at each controversial situation involving police brutality or a shooting with an eye to the truth and a desire for justice, it seems like almost all conservatives have come down with such a bad case of hero worship that they have lost all objectivity.  They are on their knees in front of their gods with badges with their foreheads firmly pressed on the ground and their asses in the air.

I am sick to death of being told to “Respect the police” no matter what.  No.  I will not.  Respect is earned, not given, no matter who you are.  You do not get respect just because you wear a badge. There are truly evil people out there who have become cops.  I absolutely refuse to respect evil and am appalled at the willingness of my fellow conservatives to do so.  Whatever happened to the conservative mantras of “personal responsibility” and “accountability”?  All of a sudden that doesn’t matter?  If you have a badge you can do anything now and count on the support of the American people?

I am sick to death of being told “Obey the police” no matter what.  Really?  When I have done nothing wrong and an overzealous, ignorant or bad cop starts throwing his weight around I am supposed to meekly submit?  Oh hell no!  I am an American citizen.  I abide by the Constitution of the United States of America and the protections afforded therein.  This is exactly why the Constitution was written and put in place.  A permit to protest?  No.  First Amendment.  Stop and frisk?  No.  Fourth Amendment.  Carry your firearms in such and such a manner?  No.  Second Amendment.  Do I really need to go on? 

I am sick to death of the public servants in this country completely disregarding the oath they took.  I am sick of them trampling the Constitution.  I am sick of them legislating from the bench.  I am sick of them making and enforcing illegal and unconstitutional laws.  I am sick of their greed for power and money.  I am sick of career politicians and the goddamn idiots who keep electing them over and over and over.  What the hell has happened to my country? 


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