According to USA Today  a nine year old child was arrested and taken to jail for contempt of court.  He was accused of stealing a pack of gum.  He was arrested because his parents missed not one, but two court appearances because they had no way to get there.  Well, let’s see.  We have multiple modes of transportation.  Some of them are even relatively cheap.  Do these parents not have one single family member or friend who could transport them?  Are they absolutely incapable of taking the bus?  They couldn’t call a cab?  However, that particular piece of utter nonsense pales in comparison to the actual event itself.

Who issues an arrest warrant for a nine year old?  Who actually carries out that warrant?  Do they not have a duty to question an order that is clearly not just wrong but ludicrously wrong?  What kind of parent allows this to happen?  Have the participants in this fiasco completely lost their minds?

Our children are under attack from deranged people in positions of power.  Incredibly severe punishments for incredibly stupid reasons abound in the headlines these days.  Children are being humiliated and brainwashed by the blithering idiots who run the schools.  They are being castigated and chastised for doing things such as twirling a pencil, pointing at someone, kissing a playmate on the cheek, accidently carrying a cartridge casing to school and countless other mind bogglingly stupid reasons.

For the love of all that is holy, stand up to this ridiculous tyranny and absolute idiocy!  We do NOT have to take this!  The longer we let brain dead morons make unchallenged decisions about our children the worse it is going to get.  Grow a pair and protect our children!


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