Facebook’s Left Bias and the Trolls They Love


I have noticed a sharp uptick in trolls on conservative pages and groups.  Some of my friends have even reported trolls on their personal timelines, despite having their settings on private and the follow function disabled.  When this was discussed in one group, I commented that because I manage 30 pages I saw a lot of it. In the past few weeks I have been banned once for twelve hours with no explanation from Facebook, not even a notification.  I was punished with no chance to defend myself.  One page was unpublished for several days and I was banned for another twelve hours for telling a troll, “Stop pretending that you aren’t an illiterate hypocrite”.  What the troll had been saying to me was considerably more insulting than that.

A person who also commented wanted to know if I was the admin of that group, because he had heard that the government was paying people twenty-five thousand dollars each to run conservative pages and that he was a “hundred percent sure” that one of those people was the admin of that group.  He wanted to ask me why I was getting paid.  I was more than a little taken aback, but replied politely and with humor.  Yes, I really did, believe it or not!  I had said that I was getting so weary of trolls reporting literally anything and Facebook coming down heavily on their side that I was almost to the point of banning anyone who disagreed in the slightest so I wouldn’t get reported again.

I have not yet done that, because I actually believe in freedom of speech, and have often scolded some of my loyal readers for being too rough on people with opposing points of view, especially when the name calling starts.  I am proud to say that almost invariably it is the troll who starts the hostilities and name calling, most of my readers have better manners than that.  Once it starts, however, it is open season.  I still don’t call names but withering sarcasm is just as satisfactory to me and makes the trolls even madder.

What is going on with this?  The government and Facebook appear to almost be afraid of us.  Whenever a page is growing fast and has a good reach, Facebook slams the door and reduces reach by huge margins.  One of my pages gets less than one percent of people reached, no matter how much building and sharing I do.  It is absolutely ludicrous.  Facebook makes its money from ads in the news feed.  If the ads don’t get seen, they aren’t bringing in money.  What could possibly be their motivation?  It is to their advantage to get a high number of viewers, not a lower number.

I am very worried about our country.  We are losing our freedoms rapidly now.  The Constitution is being ignored on a daily basis.  It is no longer something we can depend on to rescue us from the courts when we have done nothing that does not fall within our rights.  It is only as good as the authorities who uphold it, and they aren’t.  Day after day I read article after article detailing the appalling abuse of rights.  Warrantless searches, stop and frisks, jumpouts, and various other violations by law enforcement and civilians alike are everywhere.  It is to the point where standing up for our rights can literally get us killed.

How much of this are we going to take?  When are we going to leap to our feet and say enough is enough and this stops right now?  Or are we going to do that at all?  Are we going to become exactly the meek little sheeple we are so fond of accusing others of being?  What are we going to do?  When is a leader who can mobilize us and guide us through the process of taking our country back going to emerge?  I can’t answer these questions.  Our future looks bleaker by the day.  It is extremely discouraging and disheartening.

These conservative pages are one of the only ways that we can make people aware of some of these horrible violations of our rights, yet even that avenue is becoming less and less effective because of the trolls and Facebook’s extreme bias.  Something has to happen, and soon, or we are truly doomed to an Orwellian life.  God bless America.


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