The I Deserve It Mentality

Many, many years ago I thought that welfare was a wonderful thing.  From what I saw, it helped people; I perceived it as a benevolent charity.  Because my parents brought me up to work hard and either earn everything I got or be worthy of the gift, it really didn’t occur to me that others did not have this work ethic.

At the time, as a young adult, I was living on my own, working a full time job, a part time job and odd jobs on the side just to make ends meet and pay the rent on a beat up, roach-infested apartment in an old mansion that had been converted into four apartments.  There was no air conditioning, although there was heat.  The plumbing was pathetic to say the least.  If you were in the shower and anyone anywhere in the building flushed a toilet or ran some water the pipes screeched like a bobcat in heat and the unlucky showerer was either broiled alive or frozen into an ice statue that would make Medusa proud, due to the massive change in water temperature.  The upside was the water pressure was reduced to a drip and it was relatively easy to dodge.  A peeved thump on the wall would elicit a shout of apology from somewhere in the depths of the building.  I honestly did not realize this was a hardship.  It was just part of life.

Following a heated conversation with someone who did not approve of welfare, I did some research.  It just happened that a local news channel had just done a story about the trials and travails of the welfare population. 

The main participants were a couple who looked to be in their late twenties, both unemployed.  They were interviewed in their yard sitting at a picnic table.  No explanation was given why the interview was not in their home.  The couple spoke of how difficult it was to feed and clothe their four children on the amount of money they received from welfare.  They claimed that often they were reduced to skipping a meal a day.  What the cameras captured was an entirely different story.  Both the man and woman were fat.  They each had a bottle of soda pop, and they smoked several cigarettes each throughout the interview.  Some basic math revealed that the cost of those items could have provided several nutritious meals each for their children.  The woman said something that struck me.  She said that she “deserved” a better life than that. 
The dictionary defines “deserve” as “to merit, be qualified for, or to have a claim to (reward, assistance, punishment, etc) because of actions, qualities, or situation.”  

Recently I have noticed the word “deserve” used in several commercials for various and sundry items as well, mostly when the commercial is about getting something for nothing.   It begs the question, why?  Why do people think they deserve things?  Why did a fat person gulping soda pop and smoking cigarettes deserve anything different than someone like me who worked eighteen hour days to survive?  My hard earned tax dollars were being ripped from me and used to support people who were so selfish they deprived their children of meals so they could drink soda and smoke cigarettes.  It was pretty obvious neither one of them had skipped any meals recently.  That was a whole new side of things that I hadn’t seen before.  It sure changed my views, and everything I have seen since then confirms this depressing reality.

What is so sad, frustrating and infuriating about this experience is that it is repeated over and over and over throughout this country.  The “entitlement” mindset has become firmly entrenched in the welfare abusers.  Some of them genuinely believe that they deserve to be taken care of, to be given free luxuries that are often beyond the reach of the average working person.  They sit around, fat, lazy, and complacent and suck on the obscene teat of a swollen, gigantic bloodsucking tick masquerading as a “government” and perpetuating a lifestyle that will eventually bankrupt everyone, as hard working people and struggling single parents become unable to meet their bills and expenses because of higher and higher taxes stripping them of the basics they so desperately need.  These lazy, disgusting welfare leeches are destroying American life and are either too stupid to see it or simply do not care as long as their greed is satisfied at the expense  of those who soon will be out on the streets themselves, unable to provide for their families despite struggling heroically to do so. 

We desperately need welfare reform.  We cannot continue hemorrhaging the lifeblood of decent Americans to sustain parasites.  This has to stop.  It is the most deadly danger facing us, more deadly than a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, because it affects the entire country.  What happens when the tax payer simply collapses under the burden?  What happens when there is no more money?  Who is going to rescue us, and with what?  What is next? 


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