The Anti-American Phenomenon

Lately I have been seeing a trend toward anti-American sentiments posted here and there on Facebook.  Since most of the groups I am in are peopled by patriots who love their country fiercely, this often causes much discord, fighting, name calling and downright nastiness. 

I am sick to death of people constantly attacking America and its soldiers while sucking up everything it has to offer. Many times they try to use the Crusades, which they clearly know absolutely nothing about, to justify the actions of ISIS and other Muslim groups; they cite what they think was the genocide of Native Americans, failing to realize that genocide means extermination, and by no stretch of the imagination are all Native Americans dead.  I have Mohican blood, so my existence alone makes genocide a fallacy.

But let’s put that aside for the moment.  Since when does an atrocity committed by people in the past justify any atrocity being committed now?  That argument is completely invalid.  I really doubt the people making that argument would agree that if your neighbor went on a rampage and gunned down everyone he saw that it would make it okay for them to do the same thing. 

And let’s talk about our soldiers.  They are not murderous baby killers.  They are men and women who are willing to lay down their lives to protect their country.  They sacrifice everything they hold dear to do that.  Yes, they are often sent into battle in other countries.  They are not responsible for the motivation of the ones sending them there.  They are only responsible to do their jobs as best they can.  War is horrible and heart rending, and nobody comes out of it unaffected.  We can not blame our soldiers for collateral damages, we must set the blame squarely on the shoulders of those responsible. 

This is my country, my America. My roots here go back before Plymouth Rock to the native Americans on one side and to the Mayflower on the other. I love my country. I despise the government and the authorities because they are trying to destroy it. Hundreds of millions of people do everything possible to come here for a better life because this is, inarguably, the best country in the world to live in.  So I say to those who trash America, if you don’t like it, LEAVE!!


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