Helping the Homeless

Arnold Abbott is man with a kind heart.  He lives in Florida and is known for feeding homeless people through a charity he founded.  Florida, however, doesn’t appreciate his generosity.  He has been arrested multiple times.  He maintains that he will continue his activities no matter what it takes.  One officer demanded that he “drop that plate right now” as others picked up the trays of food and inserted them directly into the garbage with lines of homeless people looking on.


How can the state of Florida condone such disgusting behavior from the folks who make its city ordinances?  What is wrong with its lawmakers?  Have they no compassion or human decency at all? 

Gregory Kloehn, a California-based artist, has been addressing the lack of shelter for the homeless in his hometown of Oakland by building a series of customized, tiny homes for displaced individuals. 


He jokes that he is building “illegal homes”.  It is an extremely sad state of affairs in our wonderful country when illegal aliens are given driver’s license, tax refunds and the right to vote, absolutely none of which they are eligible for, and our own people, Americans, are treated like trash and disregarded and neglected, and caring for them is against the law. 


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