Ring of Muslims, True or False?

In February, 22 year old Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, a Palestinian man, attacked two businesses in Copenhagen, Denmark.  An international debate about freedom of expression was being held at a cafe in Copenhagen.  El-Hussein fired forty shots into the cafe, killing a civilian and injuring three police officers.  Then he went to a synagogue and attacked again, killing a civilian and injuring two police officers.


A mourner kneels by a memorial in Copenhagen, photo courtesy of Breitbart

On February 19th, a story began circulating on the internet that a group of young Muslims in Norway wanted to demonstrate that they did not support anti-Semitism.  An event was scheduled to be held after the celebration of Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, at a synagogue in Oslo.  At least thirty people were expected to appear to form a “ring of peace” around the synagogue in a show of solidarity with Jews.  According to Breitbart one of the organizers was quoted as saying, “If anyone wants to commit violence in the name of Islam you will have to go through us Muslims first.”

Along with many other conservatives, I have been calling for moderate Muslims to stand up and condemn ISIS and other terrorists who practice Islam.  The silence has been deafening.  I have not heard or seen any Muslims officially call out any terrorists.  When the story of the ring of peace broke, we hailed it as a possible breakthrough.  Finally the “moderate Muslims” were making their voices heard.  Since conservatives have been calling for just such an event, it was only fair to support these young folks and their bravery in going against violence in the name of Islam. 

On February 22, a second story broke, denouncing the “ring of peace” as a complete fabrication and a hoax.  A local eyewitness reported that only 20 Muslims showed up.  There weren’t enough people to make a ring around the synagogue, so they formed a line in front of it, holding hands as they reportedly chanted “No to anti-semitism, no to Islamaphobia”.  Multiple news outlets had already run with the story.  Perhaps the main stream media was eager to glorify their darlings of the Arabic world and justify their ridiculous political correctness and refusal to condemn the vicious acts by Muslims such as beheadings, female genital mutilation, stonings, crucifixions and rape and pedophilia.

However, the alternative news sites had run with the original story too.  Credit where credit is due, right?  Most alternative sites try to be fair and report truth in an unbiased manner.  Breitbart issued another story, condemning the mainstream media for being in such a rush to tell the story.  Breitbart called it a “complete fabrication” and a “false narrative”.  However, that is not completely true either.  According to local eye witnesses, the event did indeed happen.  The turn out was lower than expected as far as actual people in the ring of peace.  Reportedly a thousand Muslims were to participate but only twenty actually did.  A local news outlet did confirm that at least a thousand people were indeed in attendance, but only twenty individuals formed the ring/line of peace.


I don’t see that this can be called a breakthrough in Muslim/human relationships, but if those twenty folks who actually stood up and formed the line were indeed Muslims, I commend them.  If they were shills and not Muslim, they can go pound sand while I continue to excoriate “moderate Muslims” for not condemning violence by their brethren. 


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