Muslim Women and the Veil


In 2001, a Muslim woman in Florida had her driver’s license issued with a photograph of her in a full veil, with only her eyes showing through the slit.  After the September 11 attacks, the state of Florida demanded that she have the picture retaken without the veil.  She refused, the state revoked her license and she sued the State of Florida, saying it would violate her religious beliefs to have her face showing.  However the judge ruled against her.


In 2010, when the sexual assault at airports by the TSA was implemented, many people wondered how this would affect women in burkas.  The internet was full of stories saying that Obama had given Muslim women a pass on the full body patdowns.  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) allegedly told Muslim women that they should remind TSA agents that they were only supposed to allow their head and neck to be patted down.  In 2014 the Obama administration allowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to bypass security at JFK International Airport in New York.


Last year in the UK, according to numerous sources, Muslim nurses, with complete disregard for the health of patients, were exempted from washing their hands because it violated their privacy.  They were given an option to wear less sanitary plastic sleeves.

Electrolux, Abercrombie & Fitch, a Sheraton hotel in Phoenix and Disneyland, among many, many others, have all come under fire by aggrieved Muslims regarding their dress codes.

While I completely understand and agree with freedom to wear religious articles, there are some circumstances where such freedoms begin to infringe on everyone else’s rights.  Religious rights need to be curtailed at the point where they become special rights, particularly those that include life and death, like not washing hands in a hospital.  Rules are often in place for extremely good reasons.  Either be willing to abide by those rules, or don’t take the job.  It’s that simple.  Your right to not wash your hands does not trump my right to live without being infected with horrible diseases!  Why on earth do people come to this country because they don’t like the hellhole they left behind, looking for a better life, and then proceed to do everything in their power to change the better life right back to the hellhole they left?

Such people can only be characterized as arrogant, narcissistic control freaks.  They are completely selfish and care not one whit for others; they are obnoxious, demanding bullies.  Politically correct idiocy has only served to make them bolder, nastier and even more controlling.  As far as I’m concerned people like that can go suck a brass egg, they have no right to take away my God-given freedoms just because they think the world must revolve around them.


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