NASCAR Driver’s Car Gets Stolen


The 2015 NASCAR season is in full swing.  Until next November the highways will be full of NASCAR crews, families and fans crisscrossing the country on their way to the next race.  One would expect the standard problems that occur with so much traveling, flat tires, breakdowns, traffic and bad weather.  One thing that nobody expected was what happened to Sprint Cup driver Travis Kvapil in Georgia early this morning.


Travis and crew had left home early to escape bad weather forecasts.  They were staying at the Drury Inn in Murrow.  The car was in an unmarked, enclosed trailer hitched to a black Ford truck and parked in the motel parking lot.  The team hauler with all their equipment was already at the track.  Travis got a text from a crew member telling him there was trouble with the #44 car.  He paid no attention, assuming it to be a joke.  A few urgent voicemails later, he realized something was indeed wrong.

USA Today quotes Travis as saying “I thought maybe something had happened in tech (the rigorous inspection all cars go through before being allowed on the track) or NASCAR was going to confiscate it”.  Unfortunately it was much worse than that.  NASCAR.com says that surveillance video showed the theft happened at five thirty in the morning.  Reports say a silver jeep entered the motel parking lot and two minutes later the trailer with the car inside left the parking lot.

The team has since withdrawn from the race.

The scumbags who stole it may not have known what was inside because the trailer was enclosed and unmarked.  However, my question is, how on earth did this happen?  Was the truck not secured?  Did someone leave the keys in an accessible spot?  Although the year of the truck is unknown at this point, I would guess it is relatively new.  Most modern cars are not as easy to hardwire as older model cars.  This would almost have to be either professional thieves who knew exactly what they were doing, or incredible carelessness on the part of whoever was responsible for securing it.  The one thing I do hope is that this not some ridiculous publicity stunt or perhaps a cover up for something more sinister.

The Atlanta police are looking for the rig.


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