Lincoln Elementary School Humiliates A Six Year Old

Complete insanity.  Pyschopaths are running our schools.  Zero tolerance is probably the single stupidest thing implemented in schools in recent years.


In Grant’s Pass, Oregon, a school principal humiliated a six year old child by punishing him in public for something that was completely out of his control.  The story went viral on social media when a photo surfaced of a young boy sitting at a cafeteria table by himself with a cardboard screen blocking him from the rest of the room.  His offense?  His mother dropped him off at school one minute late. 

According to the New York Daily news, the mother’s car often had trouble starting.  On some of those days she would drop him off a few minutes late.  She said that her son was upset enough when she dropped him off that she went to check on him at noon and discovered him in tears behind the cardboard screen.  She took a photo and took the child home.  Both she and her mother posted the photo and the story on Facebook, prompting outrage from across the nation.


The school got so many angry calls and emails that they actually posted a police officer outside the doors.  The parents met with the school and feel that the situation has been resolved.  The school has issued an apology and revised its punishment for chronic tardiness.  Offending students will now be in a separate, supervised room.

What kind of a sadistic monster does such things to children?  Elementary school kids have zero control over how and when they get to school.  Punishing and humiliating them for something they have not done is unacceptable.  The adults responsible for this, and those who stood by and did nothing, need to be punished themselves.  The fact that such twisted, angry people are in charge of our schools is beyond disturbing.  We must keep a close eye on schools and force them to be accountable when they are discovered in this type of vile behavior. 


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