White House Fence Jumped Again

Security breaches at the White House have been numerous lately.  The Secret Service has failed to prevent people from reaching the White House several times in the past year.  Reportedly a man stepped over a bike rack outside the White House fence on Sunday.  I am not entirely sure how one simply steps over a bike rack, they are rather large.  I am also not sure how that entails a breach of security unless he was using the rack as a stepping stone to jump over the fence.  Details are very sketchy.  Early on Monday morning a man tried to get into the grounds while a construction crew was leaving.  They were both apprehended by the Secret Service.


Julia Pierson, the former head of the Secret Service, resigned recently after several people made it over the fence, including a toddler who managed to squeeze through the gate.  Her replacement, Joseph Clancy, doesn’t appear to be doing a better job than she did.


In 2014 at least six breaches occurred.  Four  people made it through or over the fence.  A toddler squeezed through the gate, precipitating a lockdown.  Those toddlers are dangerous, especially when they have a loaded diaper.  Three men jumped over the fence, and one of them actually made it inside the building.  According to the Daily Mail forty people have successfully jumped the fence in the last five years.


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