Florida Man Recruits His Own Army

Veteran Sean Rowe has had enough.  He is sick and tired of all the violent acts committed by ISIS.  He has taken matters into his own hands and is recruiting his own army.  Action News from Jacksonville, Florida reports that he has started a Facebook group called “Veterans Against ISIS”. 


Rowe aims to go over to the Middle East with a group of mercenaries and take the fight to ISIS.  There is no law against such an operation, but the group would be on its own, and would not have protection from the Geneva Convention or guaranteed medical care.  Training for such a mission, however, could be problematic.  If the group wants to train with automatic weapons and explosives, that could be illegal, depending on the location.

General Lloyd Austin, the commanding officer of American troops in the middle east, sees it differently.  According to the Stars and Stripes military website he defended the Obama administration’s war tactics and believes that the Islamic State will be defeated without American boots on the ground.  He is quoted as saying “The enemy is beginning to struggle in a number of areas, in the ability to govern and the ability to hold territory.”

Mr. Rowe’s enthusiasm is appreciated, but this author wishes he would recruit his group to defend American soil against domestic invaders rather than go overseas. 


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