Family Feuds


Filip Handl

According to, the Handl family says that Filip Handl, 60, was parking his full size GMC truck in the driveway of his home when he ran over and killed his stepdaughter, Lesley Carroll, 41, who was helping him park.  His wife said he had been drinking, and stood there helpless as he hit the gas and pinned Ms. Carroll under the truck. After he hit her he pushed her through a gate on their property, and although family members were screaming at him he continued to accelerate until she was completely underneath the truck.  She died at the scene.  According to the family he was an alcoholic.


The Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

ABC news reports that in Kenai, Alaska, a family of four and their dog went missing with absolutely no trace in May.  The search has been ongoing.  Last Saturday human remains and canine remains were found along a trail near Kenai, along with a handgun.  Police are confident that the remains are those of the missing family.


In Chula Vista, says a California man who used a samurai sword and a barbecue fork to kill his younger brother at their home has been sentenced to 31 years to life in state prison.  In April 2013 their grandfather found them fighting and went to a neighbor’s house for help.  Police and paramedics found Mario Figueraoa dead on the floor.


In Orlando, Florida, the AP says last Friday a mother was originally  reported as having stabbed her three children; two died at the scene and the five month old baby died Sunday night.  According to police the children had been cut, but the cause of death turned out to be strangulation for the infnt and the six year old and drowning for the seven year old.  No indication of stabbing was found.

Families are supposed to be where you belong, where you feel safe.  They are supposed to be a refuge, a place you go when you have nowhere else.  Tragedies like this are bad enough in their own right, but the depth of devastation when it is within a family is much worse.  


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