Radioshack To Sell Customer Personal Information

If you think that when you fill out your personal information at a business it will remain private, think again.

RadioShack filed for bankruptcy in February.   According to PC World, the company plans to auction off its customers’ personal information.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pointed out that in Texas, selling personal information is illegal.  It would also be in violation of RadioShack’s own privacy policies.


The state of Texas says that consumer protection agencies are supporting them in their objection to this.  PC World says:

“In a filing Wednesday, the state of Texas said it had received support from 21 governmental consumer protection entities to its objection last week to the planned sale of personally identifiable information (PII) of 117 million RadioShack customers.”

Twenty five states have also said that they are supporting the objection.  The sale of personal information, according to the Tennessee attorney general, is impermissible because it violates “applicable non-bankruptcy law.”  The New York attorney general has said that he will take appropriate action to protect New Yorkers, but has not signed the challenge.  AT&T has also objected because when RadioShack sold their phones and service plans they collected information on AT&T’s behalf. 


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