“Thick Blue Stain”

This is a good editorial!

SketchBank a Digital Sketchbook by: Amar Ashworth

Thick Blue Stain

This is not a piece I wanted to do.  I tried, it didn’t work, and eventually I couldn’t think of anything else.  Sometimes creativity forces our hand, sometimes something happens that creates the work for us, and sometimes something so horrific that it scars us for life happens.  This isn’t any of those things, this is an ongoing horror.  I’m not sure how to fix this either, we need police, but we need police who are accountable, we need police who are non violent, we need police who are human.  I’m starting to think we need police with cameras and brains, not police with guts and guns.  They say the tools make the man, what does it say about the police, that the only tools they ever seem to use are the tools that cause pain and death?  What makes a person shoot another person in the back?  What training could cause an…

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