This Day In History April 14


Abraham Lincoln

According to History.com, on this day in 1865 Lincoln was shot.  John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer, shot and killed Lincoln at Ford’s theater in DC, just five days after Lee surrendered,  ending the civil war.


Ford's Theater

Booth had originally planned to capture Lincoln and turn him over to the Confederates, but Lincoln did not pass through his ambush.  At this point Booth was so desperate to save the Confederacy that he decided he had to kill Lincoln.  He wanted to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William H. Seward at the same time.


John Wilkes Booth

The guys who were supposed to kill the other two botched the job.  Lewis T. Powell was assigned to Seward.  He managed to wound him but failed to kill him.  George A. Atzerodt was sent to kill Johnson but didn’t go and try.   Booth, however, was successful.   Trying to get away, he jumped from the theater box to the stage and broke his leg but still managed to get away on horseback.

Lincoln was mortally wounded and was taken to a lodging house near the theater where he died the next morning.  He was the first American president to be assassinated.  Booth was chased down and died from a bullet wound, which some say was possibly suicide.


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