The TSA has long been accused of completely “inappropriate” groping of airline passengers.  The word “inappropriate” is inappropriate.   It is sexual assault sanctioned by the government.   I call it rape.  Yes, I know the definition of the word.  Dictionary.com defines it thus:


A man gets his genitals squeezed

“unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.”

I don’t care what the clinical definition is.  What the TSA does is rape.  If anyone else did what they do, it would be legal to kill them in self defense.   The organization,  in my opinion,  is riddled with thugs, thieves, pedophiles,  rapists and other vile wastes of oxygen.  We are not allowed to defend ourselves from them, not even with words.  Try and you will be arrested.  They do the same type of thing that police departments do, when a complaint is brought against them they simply investigate themselves and find themselves innocent.

According to CBS Denver, two TSA officers at Denver International Airport have actually been fired!  It’s not enough, they should be brought up on charges and thrown in prison!  The very fact that their own people ratted them out speaks volumes to the egregiousness of the multiple offenses these two committed.

The two employees, a male and a female, conspired together to fondle the genitals of good looking men.  By the male.  He used the technology to help him rape.  When he saw an attractive man, he would signal the female employee to set the scanner to indicate a female.  This would cause the scanner to indicate an anomaly in the genital area when the man passed through.  He would then be pulled aside for extra screening and the male screener would fondle his genitals under the guise of screening. 

When the TSA was tipped off they sent an investigator who witnessed the entire scam.  He watched the male screener  “patting down” the genitals and buttocks of the male passenger  with the palms of his hands, which is “contradictory to the TSA screening policy”.  When the female officer was interviewed she admitted to carrying out the scheme at least ten times.  A TSA spokesperson said “These alleged acts are egregious and intolerable.   TSA has removed the two officers from the agency.”


An agent reaches into a man's pants

The Denver District Attorney’s office declined to press charges because she felt that there was no reasonable likelihood of finding the victim.

Stories of such abuse abound.  In 2013 a woman filed a complaint against a TSA agent for cupping her crotch and stroking her breasts.  A Freedom of Information request uncovered multiple cases of appalling abuse.  In 2010 a woman revealed that an agent had felt her vagina and touched both her labia.  Another woman reported the same thing.  A Special Forces veteran who had metal in his body from combat injuries was subjected to such a rough groping that his testicles were injured.  Another man with an enlarged prostate warned a TSA screener of his condition,  but the agent POKED his genitals with the detecting wand.


A woman gets her genitals touched

A former U.S. Air Force officer revealed how an agent had not only cupped and squeezed his genitals, but also shoved them to one side to ensure that “it really is your crotch”.  Agents have broken colostomy bags and ruptured breast implants.  A six year old girl was groped and the agent REACHED INSIDE HER PANTS and touched her genitals.  The TSA defended this as proper procedure.   They forced an elderly incontinent woman to remove her diaper. 


At Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport, screeners took a child away from his mother.  They went out of her sight, literally kidnapping him, while the child cried “No, no!” repeatedly.  It was at least ten minutes before they brought him back, still in distress.   In 2010 two women were told that the agent needed “a quick look into their panties”.  One agent made a woman unbutton her shirt and expose her bra.  Right in the screening line.  Another woman with breast cancer was taken to a private room and required to strip to the skin from the waist up.

These are just a very tiny part of the multitude of reports.  The TSA is beyond out of control.  They rape and assault with impunity, and if someone complains or challenges them, it literally goes to such incredible lengths that it is ludicrous.   People have been held for hours, detained forcibly,  handcuffed, arrested and actually thrown in jail for several days.  None of these people were found to have done anything wrong except to object to having either their genitals touched or those of a child or other family member.

It is time, America, to make this go away.  Stand up for yourselves.  I have boycotted flying since 2008.  As a result there are several uninjured TSA agents.  Get after your representatives.  Insist that the TSA be abolished completely or stopped from touching genitals.  Make them write a law.  DO IT! 


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