Et Tu Paypal?

Now Paypal wants to join the ranks of those urging us to implant foreign objects in our bodies.  According to the Telegraph,

“PayPal is working on a new generation of embeddable, injectable and ingestible devices that could replace passwords as a means of identification.

Jonathan LeBlanc, PayPal’s global head of developer evangelism, claims that these devices could include brain implants, wafer-thin silicon chips that can be embedded into the skin, and ingestible devices with batteries that are powered by stomach acid.”


These devices would monitor the internal workings of your body, transmitting information that would identify you more accurately than your fingerprints, says Mr. LeBlanc.  He asserts that people keep using unsecure passwords like “letmein”, “123456”, and “password123” and the like.  Then they are shocked and upset when their passwords are cracked.  What he fails to realize is every single website we visit, every single thing we do, every key we punch, wants us to set up an account, to register, to log in.  This comes down to literally hundreds of passwords and accounts.  I doubt any of us is willing to jump through that many hoops to read a two paragraph article on a small website.  Some newspapers actually want you to buy a subscription using your credit card.  I have absolutely no intention of using my credit card on an unsecured small town newspaper website.  I have, however, even less intention of sending my medical and other private information to Paypal.

This enormous push to have us tagged and identified like scientific experimental animals turned loose in the wild is suspicious at best and incredibly alarming at worst.  It is beyond belief.  Big Brother is not content with watching now.  He wants every detail possible.  Anyone who thinks this is a good idea really shouldn’t breed, we don’t need that level of sheeplike stupidity and acceptance perpetuated in the human race.

Mr. LeBlanc, you can take your chips and implant them right where the sun don’t shine.


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