Agile duos — Training, love, patience overcome agility obstacles

This is a wonderful article written about one of my dogs!!

The Mouth of The Kenai

By Joseph Robertia

Redoubt Reporter

Watching Jean Strong, of Chugiak, run through the green grass barefooted as she directed her canine companion, it was as if the two were psychically stuck together, as the dog’s name would imply, as they worked their way through a series of obstacles during an agility trial, part of this past weekend Kenai Kennel Club Dog Show at Skyview High School.

Duct Tape, Strong’s 2-year-old, female Rhodesian ridgeback mix, looked every bit as fit as its breeding, which was developed to hunt lions in Africa. Her shoulder and hind leg muscles rippled under her sleek, glossy, wheat-colored coat, and she immediately responded to Strong’s subtle cues to jump through hoops, run through tunnels, weave through poles, and negotiate all the other obstacles of the course.

Watching the dog’s performance, it was difficult to imagine this animal was once considered damaged goods, and by more than…

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