Cops Shoot And Kill Woman’s Dog After She Calls Them For Help

ROYALTY FREE, Male police officer aiming gun, COP, OFFICER, POLICE MAN,

ROYALTY FREE, Male police officer aiming gun, COP, OFFICER, POLICE MAN,

An Orange County, Florida woman’s dog is dead after being shot by the people she called to help her.  Deborah Jones, who lives in the Tymber Skan condominiums, called for help after an argument with her boyfriend.  She waited hours, but the cops never responded.  She and the other residents of the home eventually departed, leaving the dog, Itchygo, in the house alone.  When she returned she found deputies surrounding her home and her dead dog wrapped in a blanket and paperwork authorizing the county to pick up the dog’s body.

The cops had finally responded to her call.  As they attempted to gain entrance to the house three of the neighbors tried to tell them that no one was home.  They refused to listen, suddenly gaining a sense of urgency that apparently wasn’t there before.  They kicked in the door, and claiming that the dog attacked them, shot and killed him.  What exactly did they think was going to happen?  The department excuse maker public information officer said that because of the nature of the call they had to force their way in and the dog charged them.  They claim the call had not been canceled so they needed to act to protect the woman.

“That’s his house. This is his house. He’s got to protect this house,” said Jones’ daughter, Kita Williams.  “If three neighbors are telling the officers no one’s here, that don’t give you proper cause to continue coming in.”

Whether or not there was “just cause” to kick the door down is not the issue.  The issue is the continuing willingness on the part of police departments across the United States to gun down what seems like every dog they see.  A dog or other family pet is killed by police at a horrific rate one of every fifty six minutes.  That’s twenty-four dogs a day.  The cop apologists can call this an “isolated incident” or “rare happening” all they want.  The numbers are clear and they are horrifying.  This is nothing but slaughter.  It is not rare, it is not isolate and almost never justified.  Video after video shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that deadly violence is the first response the majority of the time.

No cops have been killed by dogs in the last fifty years.  This knee jerk response of utter terror is ludicrous.  If a grown man (or woman in some cases) is so terrified by a dog, they should NOT be in a position where they will encounter dogs on a regular basis.  It is inexcusable to kill, kill, kill as the first and only answer.  In some cases police have prevented bystanders from coming to the aid of wounded dogs at gunpoint.  That is just vicious.  I don’t care whether they want to “preserve the scene”.  Not allowing wounded dogs to be helped and forcing them to die terrified and screaming in agony is unacceptable.  This has to stop.

This continues to happen and the cops continue to fuss and whine about how nobody trusts them and they are scared to do their jobs.  Ya think?  Maybe if they stopped killing dogs, stopped lying about it, and actually took responsibility for their actions, and maybe if their superiors held them personally accountable, and maybe if they actually honored their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America there wouldn’t be such distrust and hatred surrounding them.

There is no room in a police force for cowards and psychopaths, but it appears that such is the case.  If they don’t like the perception of them, guess what, guys.  It’s up to you to change it.  You and nobody else.  Man up.  Take responsibility, admit you are wrong and do the right thing.  You are not killing dogs because you have to.  You are doing it because you can and you get away with it.  One of these days you will shoot the wrong dog and there will be hell to pay from an angry owner and then you’ll all feel sorry for yourselves again and laud the injury, or worse, death of a “hero”.  I suggest you don’t provoke that.  Stop killing our dogs!


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