Cop Demands That Americans Get On Their Knees And Thank Him


Now our dogs aren’t even safe from off-duty killers.  In Queen Creek, Arizona, two pit bulls were shot and killed.  The name of the killer has not been released, perhaps because he hasn’t had time to investigate himself and find himself innocent.  An off-duty officer with the Arizona Department of Public Safety claimed he feared for his life because the dogs were in his back yard, not wearing collars, and “came at him”.  Yeah, that’s what happens when dogs walk.  They move.  He was worried about the safety of his children, according to Mr. Coward Anonymous.

The dogs were reportedly well-behaved and obedient.  The owner had just moved in to the  neighborhood with his fourteen year old autistic son.  The dogs were service dogs.  The son  had wandered away and the the owner says the dogs were tracking him.  He refused to be identified because he said it would jeopardize his employment.  “He’s just basically pulling this ‘I was in fear for my life B.S.  The dogs have never shown aggression.”  Someone needs to explain to him that as far as cops are concerned their life is in danger the moment a puppy is born.  One more terrible threat to the “brave” folks of law enforcement.


The same law enforcement that posted a rant on the Colorado State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police site that said that citizens ought to get on their knees and thank the brave folks who look after them.  The entire rant is copied here, because it must be read to be believed and recognized for the absolute narcissistic, psychopathic, arrogant drivel that it is:

“This insightful and impassioned public commentary was written and posted to Facebook by William James Manifold.  It is a powerful commentary that we felt needed to be repeated. Here it is in its entirety with a minor edit:

So last night I noticed on my newsfeed, one of my Facebook friends made a statement that really pissed me off. Something along the lines of “Why do people have to hashtag when in mourning that certain lives matter…all lives matter“. This comment was obviously in response to the community outpouring of support for Ofc. Kerrie Orozco who ended her watch yesterday afternoon. I wanted to take a moment to respond.

First I beg to differ with you. All lives don’t matter. Now there’s a shocking statement, but it deserves repeating. All lives don’t matter…all lives have the potential to matter…but most certainly all lives don’t matter. Allow me to explain:

Ofc Kerrie Orozco, now her life mattered. Why, well let me tell you a little about her. First she chose to serve her community, state and country by being a protector, a defender, a part of a thin blue line, a line of individuals past and present that stand between lawlessness and order, between the monsters and the weak, between good and evil. Every morning she pinned her badge on her uniform, or belt and walked out the door not really knowing if she would walk back in.

Not only was she a dedicated law enforcement officer. She was a wife and mother. She was a coach to disadvantaged kids in the community which she served. She was a leader; and to quote her Chief “was a Top Notch person”. She made a difference in the lives of those she touched. She worked in a gang infested part of the city, and reached out to the children of that community each and every day to show them that there was a better way of life. In short, she made a difference…her life mattered. The Omaha metropolitan area will sorely miss her presence. A good cop died today.

Contrast that to the individual that took her life yesterday. We’ll refer to him as Mr. POS as he doesn’t deserve to have his name mentioned. He was a gang member, drug dealer, convicted felon. His rap sheet included multiple shootings, accessory to murder, and the list goes on and on. He made a choice to be a menace to his community. His only contribution was pain and suffering. In my opinion…he did nothing to make his life matter, he made no difference…his life didn’t matter. His most outstanding contribution to the Omaha Metro area was that he also died yesterday.

The original hashtag of “lives matter” came from a group of misguided individuals in Ferguson, MO who believed that law enforcement officers get up every day with the goal of shooting, or harassing, or arresting someone of a particular race. I can tell you that is absolutely false. Every officer I know or knew, worked with, served with all became an officer for one reason…to make a difference, because God knows it wasn’t for the money. Believe me when I say that almost all officers go out of their way to help those in the communities they serve, and when we find one that doesn’t fit this mold, we take care of that problem. They are educated, relieved of duty or arrested. There are so many examples just this year of law enforcement policing their own ranks. The hashtag #BlueLivesMatter was in response to the misguided notion that only people of certain race are being targeted, when in fact today law enforcement officers in every city are being actively targeted.

In case you haven’t noticed…there is a war going on in our own streets today…it’s a war on law enforcement and unless YOU want to walk the line between good and evil, maybe YOU should do something to stop that war. Only YOU can make a difference and WE as a community everywhere must take a stand against those who would like to see our law enforcement officers neutered and defenseless. Our officers need to know that they are supported by their community and their leadership. Far too many today are more worried about being sued when they have to make a split second life or death decision that will experience days, weeks, months or years of armchair quarterbacking by the ill-informed.

I’ve walked that thin line. I have many members of my family that walk that thin line still today. I have many friends who I call brother or sister that walk that thin line, and many more that have recently left the line. For those I say their lives matter, they made a difference, they did something that mattered, and when one of them dies…guess what, I’ll hashtag the hell out of my mourning because by whatever God you worship or don’t, by all things holy, #BlueLivesMatter.

And maybe remind the few if ill of us they speak, that we are all that stands between the monsters and the weak.”

So far this year we have lost 45 lives that mattered, 45 people that served their communities, 45 people that made a difference, 45 brave souls that walked and stood on that thin line, 45 men and women that few will remember. Take a look at this picture; these are 4 of the last 7 officers that died in the line of duty in May protecting you and your family. Take a close look, these 7 are lives that mattered:

Pictured in this posting:

  • Kerrie Orozco, Omaha Police Department, EOW 20 May 2015
  • Richard Martin, Houston Police Department, EOW 18 May 2015
  • Sony Smith, Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, EOW 15 May 2015
  • Liquori Tate, Hattiesburg Police Department, EOW 9 May 2015

Not Pictured:

  • Benjamin Deen, Hattiesburg Police Department, EOW 9 May 2015
  • Gregg Moore, Coeur d’Alene Police Department, EOW 5 May, 2015
  • Brian Moore, New York Police dDpartment, EOW 2 May, 2015 

Instead of you getting on some high horse thinking that you are being so damned enlightened with your “All Lives Matter” bullshit, you should be getting on your knees thanking each and every one of those people who gave their live so you can sleep at night, so you can walk the street, so you can enjoy the safety that they provide. Will any of them ever ask for your thanks, no. Do they deserve it, you bet they do.

If I’ve offended you, I honestly don’t give a shit. You’re an adult, get over it or move on. And honestly, if you get offended that easily and don’t or won’t support our law enforcement officers then I really don’t have the time for you so good riddance. You are part of the problem.

So circling back to my original thought, do all lives matter? No, all lives have the potential to matter. It’s up to the individual whether they want to matter or not. Everyone can make a difference; everyone has that opportunity to matter. What have YOU done with your life that matters?

To my brothers and sisters still walking the line Omni Cedo Domus…Everyone goes home. You matter.  To those that enjoy the blanket of protection they provide, show your support; turn on a blue light at night, thank an officer, attend a Citizens Police Academy, join a neighborhood watch, or just give a kind wave and a smile. You matter.  To those that choose to walk on the “other side” of the line, well just keep walking, they’ll get to you eventually…you don’t matter. Ni Baolach Don Olcas Mise…only evil need fear me.

May St. Michael keep watch over those still walking the line, and may God keep those who have ended their watch.  #BlueLivesMatter #SupportBlue

Author: William James Manifold”

This pathetic little man is a prime example of the sociopaths with god complexes that permeate law enforcement.  For every “good” cop, there appears to be several of these.   He DEMANDS not just respect, but ADORATION.  According to him, if you don’t worship him you are evil.  This puny-minded, conceited, self-important, bombastic, self-aggrandizing jackass is not worth the ground that us peons piss on.  He is a disgusting, pretentious loud-mouth on an ego trip.  He is a disgrace to the badge, to the American people and to the country.  He would be a disgrace to the Manson Family.  He is a waste of space and oxygen.  What a wretched fool.


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