New Gadget Projects Heads Up Display on Windshield

Jean Strong


The latest attempt to make driving and performing computer activities at the same time doesn’t seem very safe.  Navdy, a start up company that is working toward making it safer, is working on a heads up display that goes on your windshield.  Your computer screen will look like it’s floating above the roadway.  You will be able to perform functions like answering your phone by waving your hand or using voice commands.

Driving information and data will stream from your phone to the display.  It uses wireless technology and optics that allow the information to be placed in your field of  view, hovering just above the dashboard.

According to the New York Times:

“This technology is in its infancy. Navdy’s device isn’t shipping until later this year, and it’s not clear if it will work as seamlessly as presented in the video when used in less perfect real-life conditions. But…

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