Organizer of Anti-Islam Rally Receives Death Threats From The “Peaceful Religion”


The organizer of the latest protest rally to draw Mohammed cartoons has received death threats that are credible enough that he is going into hiding.  The rally was held outside the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix on Friday evening.  “This is proof tyranny is in America,” said Jon Ritzheimer.

Around five hundred protesters gathered in the heat, packing heat and holding American flags and patriotic signs.  Ritzheimer described the event as a freedom of speech rally in response to the attacks by ISIS sycophants on a cartoon contest in Texas.  Two men tried to kill people at the event, but was shot to death by a quick-thinking cop.  Ritzheimer says that he has been targeted by the terrorist group.

Flanked by burly bodyguards, Ritzheimer told reporters “I’m having to sell my  house.  My family is going into hiding.  They are calling for lone wolves to behead me.  That’s terrorism right here in America.”   “American” ISIS sympathizers protested the protest, holding signs that said things like “stop the hate.”  Apparently threats of beheading aren’t hateful by their standards.

Arizona is an open carry state.  The protesters were armed and ready to defend themselves, their freedom of speech and the fourth amendment.  Although the police were present, they did not escalate the situation and the protest stayed peaceful.


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