Cops Try To Kill Fifteen Year Old Dog, Claiming They Felt Threatened


Yet another family pet has been ruthlessly brutalized by the cops.  In Odessa, Texas, U.S. Marshals shot Spot, a 15 year old dog, multiple times while attempting to serve an arrest warrant.

CBS 7 News says that the cops were swarming a neighborhood looking for Austin Dawson, who had violated his parole.  Homeowner Anthony McDowell allowed police to search his property.  “I said you can come in the house and look.  I’m giving you permission”, said McDowell.  The cops were warned that there was a dog in the back yard.

Despite the warning, they shot Spot multiple times, claiming that he “came towards them in an aggressive manner.”  Spot is fighting for his life at a vet clinic in Odessa.  Although the vet believes he will survive, he will never walk again.

“That’s the reason he said hey he ain’t here, why didn’t we just leave? But he made it his business to let us know that he’s serious come back here and kill our dog.  He put two slugs into my dog for no apparent reason and we asked him why and he couldn’t give us no justification. He didn’t run charging barking or nothing. My dog was scared of the police officers,” said a distraught McDowell.

This man tried to be a good citizen.  He gave the cops permission to search his place and they rewarded his honesty and cooperation by tearing his house apart and trying to kill his dog.  They knew there was a dog present, there was absolutely no excuse for such an action.  The homeowner was present; all they had to do was have him secure the dog.

As usual, the lame old “I felt threatened” excuse was trotted out.  It appears that by simply existing, dogs threaten law enforcement.  It is baffling why heavily armed and armored “brave” men are so incredibly terrified of dogs.  It is horrifying that so many cold-blooded killers are given guns and badges and allowed to slaughter dogs with impunity.  It is obvious that these cops kill because they like to kill.  It is crystal clear that they have declared war on us and our dogs.  Nothing has stopped them; they have no regard for life in any form.  We are under siege by an enemy we are not allowed to repel.  This is America, people, how long are we going to allow this to continue?


40 thoughts on “Cops Try To Kill Fifteen Year Old Dog, Claiming They Felt Threatened

  1. Aimee French says:

    This is just disgusting, he let them in and let them search and this is the thanks he gets in return, this makes me so mad that the police get away with such acts,if it were anyone else they would be charged,well I say charge the officer that did this,no excuse and he should just own up to it

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  2. j.t. kelly says:

    What you say is true, they shoot them because they want to. Some say its training, but its because they want to shoot something. Its attitude. Until people revolt, stand up and make them pay damages and vet bills and continued care for owners and animals, nothing will stop them

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      • Where is the petition? There needs to be a recourse to their actions because complaining about them will not help unless their is a goal in sight! I have plenty to say about what happened but if it isn’t going to come to a resolution, then it is only wasted rhetoric! They need to be held accountable for what they did to that man’s dog!

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  3. Until that disgusting ruling by the Supreme Court is overturned that gave them carte blanche to shoot at will because they cannot be held financially responsible for the consequences of their actions unlike you and me, this won’t change. The day they can lose their pensions, savings, and homes when sued just as the city loses money over their unjustified actions will be the day they stop killing for no reason. Until then, folks, it’s open season because their departments will almost always cover up for them, and they know it.

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  4. Terrible, just horrific. This poor, old dog won’t walk again because these dickbags feared for their lives? A dog has never killed a cop in the line of duty. If these cops fear an elderly dog, wtf do they do when faced with real criminals? No wonder crime is so rampant in this country!

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  5. Kim Adkinson says:

    These officers should not only be terminated immediately, but should also be arrested… Who needs to be contacted to take action?? These Dogs Are Our Family! Where is the Justice?

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  6. The police need to be trained on how to handle situations. First of all the man was not hiding anything, he let them into his home. And they told him they had a dog. And if that was all that was in the back yard was the dog then they should have turned around and left. I’m ashamed of what this world is coming to. Those cops should have to pay all the vet bills for what they did. I’m sure God is watching every one and saying what is happening to my world..

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  7. Bhakti Khatri says:

    This is highly unacceptable. How can these cops use their powers for unwarranted reasons. Strict Action’s to be taken against every individual found guilty of animal abuse and cruelty irrespective of their position or power… There is absolute no forgiveness for this

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  8. Frances says:

    I’m sick of police shooting animals their reasons are crap they need to be treated like any offender jail time but they will get slap on wrist that’s our justice system

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  9. krsmx says:

    Time and again the police departments across the nation are responsible for these crimes. ! THAT’S RIGHT! they are in fact CRIMES.
    The training they get is obviously inadequate, and because of this, they hire on men that are criminal, which makes this a huge hipocricy.
    They can shoot and kill, not just dogs, but even people who whether innocent or not, the officer responsible is PROTECTED by their own. They, for the most part CAN ands DO get away with murder.
    This makes it very difficult for the GOOD and RESPONSIBLEE cops to do the job because of this very obvious concern that the rest of the citizens righteously have.
    Common sense would dictate that these men who’ve sworn to uphold the laws of the land should be responsible to do so even MORE than the ordinary citizens. That in fact of they DO such crimes, that they are held more liable than the rest of us.
    This is NOT the case. This cop who did this in my estimation should have been immediately been held accountable for this obviously poor decision and poor judgement call, and arrested. By so doing it would send a message to the rest of us that this is unacceptable. But as I read this, it’s obvious that NOTHING was done, which adds this to the already giant and continously growing list of corrupt blunders brought to you by these SO CALLED men of honor! Especially in this case, where they had NO warrant, and this man humbly opened his home to these cops trying to be a good citizen, and now his beloved dog is lying in a hospital and may never walk again! This must go VIRAL! Arrest this irresponsible poor excuse for a cop, and make an example of him. Send a message to the rest of the law enforcement agencies around the country, and even other parts of the world that this is unacceptable and there WILL be consequences for these actions! Pass a law that of a person, cop or not comes into a home, especially without a warrant, that is trespassing. In most places, it’s LEGAL to SHOOT said trespasser. As for me, if that were so, I’d not hesitate to do just THAT!

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  10. Patti petrulli says:

    If this happen to their family pet the officer would kill the person and go free. They need to do testing on all officers old and new to see if they are mentally and morally fit for the profession.

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  11. Melanie leach says:

    Why do the police out there always get away with there perfectic excuses. They need to be stuck off it absolutely crazy they need to be punished.

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  12. This is disgusting….some people should not be cops….to gun and trigger happy…..I hope this owner’s dog lives and this cop should be brought up on charges….no reason for this…dog was not doing anything.this cop …should be ashamed of himself poor excuse for a cop!!!!

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  13. foxterrier911 says:

    I was raised to respect police officers. The continuing epidemic of purely STUPID shootings by police officers, shootings of people and animals, are making me re-think how I feel. I think much of this is a LACK of training, and people becoming officers who do not have the right mental make-up to be in authority and wield deadly force. There is much bad judgment being shown by the officers and by the jurisdictions who have hired them. The list of places I would not want to live grows daily.

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  14. I agree with all of you. The cop(S) should have asked the owner to put the dog up so they could look around. What a BUNCH of cowards, and Big Babies the are.All are right they are killers with a badge.Sending Prayers to Spot & Family. God Bless you Spot hope you recover well.You did nothing wrong sweet little Angle. God Bless you.****************************************************************************************************

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  15. They are stupid,don’t care if they are cops! This seems to be the lame ass excuse too many cops seem to think they can use just for the enjoyment of killing or maiming someone’s beloved pet! There are alot of dirt bags that don’t have any business being in law enforcement! Animal abuse,can lead to human abuse,next thing you know they will be shooting senior citizens for some shit ass excuse. Law enforcement agencies should do a deeper background check on individuals who want to be cops! Some aren’t fit for it period!

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  16. Have these cowards no shame? If they don’t, they are sociopaths or maybe too stupid to realize they should be ashamed of their behavior. And the idiot superiors who protect them and make up excuses are just as bad. I watched a body cam video of a big ‘brave’ officer shoot a little twenty-six pound dog. Twice. The dog belonged to a retired judge, so maybe something will be done in that community, but this will continue to happen. And don’t get me started on the moronic K-9 handlers who leave their dogs in the car with the A/C turned off.

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  17. Cops are issued a gun, a baton, a can of bear spray, tasers, badges, bullet proof vests and who knows what else, and they have the audacity to say they felt threatened. If cops are so cowardly that they feel threatened by a dog that isn’t in the least bit threatening to anybody, they should turn in their gun and badge. They lack courage and balls and certainly don’t fit the role of “protect and serve” cops. They are the ones who are threatening and throwing their weight around. Not long ago a cop tried to shoot a dog that was standing next to his owner and shot the owner instead. Killed her dead as a tapper. True story.


    • Yep that was Jesse Hill in Burlington Iowa. He shot and killed Autumn Steele in a fit of hysterical terror at the mere sight of a dog. I feel real safe having him out there carrying a loaded weapon…. NOT. What a joke he is.


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